So, there has been some discussion around the studio about publicly celebrating/coping with our love of toxicology. What better way to do that than with a ToxTalk T-shirt? We are currently in the design phase and would love your suggestions for shirts. To get the ball rolling we have generated some designs of our own which you can view by clicking on one of the designs above. Hopefully the impressive graphic design ¬†doesn’t intimidate you. These aren’t necessarily final versions, just spit-balling some ideas. Vote for your favorite below and drop us a line to suggest one of your own. Comments are also welcome.

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One Response to Tox T-Shirts

  1. Susan Ducharme says:

    Choice 1: Seizure, coma, death t-shirt
    Choice 2: Our man Paracelcius t -shirt
    Choice 3: No one takes as much as they say…

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