On this episode we talk to Kennon Heard, Juliana Wilson, and Resa E. Lewiss about using ultrasound in calcium channel blocker overdose. We look at some cases from a case series. More info on bedside echo https://www.acep.org/sonoguide/cardiac.html and on E-point Septal Separation (EPSS)

TakeHome Points

  • Ultrasound can be an important part of the tox exam, especially when dealing with cardio active meds
  • Ultrasound can help guide therapy after CCB ingestion in terms of filling the tank with fluids or starting with pressors/inotropes/insulin
  • Consider looking at EPSS to determine patients with objectively decreased EF
  • Use ultrasound to evaluate tox patients to add to our knowledge. Scan, record, share, help out your colleagues

Stay tuned as we share some animal data on CCB and ultrasound.

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