We’ve all taken pictures of cool tox related stuff (think blue hands, poisonous flowers, drug paraphernalia)  and we show it to a few friends and hide it away, because it won’t be on the cover of our Christmas Cards. On the flip side  have you ever been putting together a talk and wished you had a high res photo of something tox related? Or, for those of us visual learners, maybe a group of photos to mindlessly flip through and get your tox learning on? Well, the solution is here. The Toxicology Flickr Group is open to all comers. Post pics, tag other people’s pics that you think are tox related, download pics for educational purposes, or make the world’s coolest screen saver. Check it out at the Toxicology Flickr Group. And if you see a great photo that you feel could use some explanation, use the comment field to add to the educational experience.

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  1. Ted Burningham says:

    love it ! thanks

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