Injecting_heroin200In this episode we talk to Katherine Kimbrell, an EM doc in RI, as well as Matt Lozier and Molly Boyd from CDC about the emerging acetyl fentanyl deaths and their investigation

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3 Responses to Episode 20 Acetyl Fentanyl and CDC

  1. Randy Cain says:

    I’m listening to this episode on iTunes and can’t hear Dr Kimbrell speaking. I just hear long pauses…..

  2. Matt Z says:

    We’re sorry to hear that. Originally, the episode was recorded in stereo with Dr Kimbrell on one side and Matt Zuckerman on the other. Listeners who only have a right or left speaker or earphone might not here the other side. We’ve since replaced the stereo file with a mono file that plays well through both right and left speakers/earphones. If you re-download the episode above, you’ll get the updated file and the wonderful insight from Dr. Kimbrell. Thank you for alerting us to this problem. We’ll try and avoid it in the future.

  3. […] crew from Tox Talk discuss acetylfentanyl and the recent deaths surrounding this drug […]

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